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"I love using the TypeFocus program in my career counseling. Most career assessments do not take things to this personal level." Shawn Johnson, Director of Career Services, Edgewood College
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TypeFocus Certification Program
The TypeFocus Certification Program is an online program providing a cost-effective way to upgrade your credentials. TypeFocus Practitioners enjoy the benefits of advanced training and ongoing support in personality type applications. Members can access advanced TypeFocus program features designed to support counselors and coaches in private practice.

The TypeFocus Certification Program consists of several components:
  • Guidebook with assignments
  • MBTI® Manual
  • Live webinars
  • Your own TypeFocus mentor
  • Two client debriefing sessions
  • Final interview with a TypeFocus Master Facilitator
  • Access to a moderated certification forum
The Guidebook is free and available to anyone.

The MBTI® Manual has to be borrowed or purchased.

The webinars, mentor to monitor assignments, assistance with debriefing, access to forum and final interview are only available to those participants who want to be certified as a TypeFocus Type Practitioner.

When a person becomes a Certified TypeFocus Practitioner, their contact information will be listed on our website to authenticate their standing. They will also be able to purchase any of our programs at a discount and offer their clients services through a website branded to their name.

The certification process itself will have no set time frame. To achieve certification, a person must:
  • complete all assignments,
  • debrief two clients using the TypeFocus program and
  • demonstrate their mastery of the program content via the final interview.
Mentor assistance, professional forums and live webinars are available as supports but are not requirements.

The fee for certification is $350 and some eligibility requirements exist; you can register at beginning in February, 2011.

MBTI is a registered trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press Inc.